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Influence of boiling and bleaching process on textiles

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Because of its special uses, textile products will be used in the production and production of scouring and bleaching machines. The reason why they can make products meet the requirements is mainly due to the equipment's recycling process. And this process effect will directly affect a lot of the performance of the gauze semi products, so in order to produce better products, it is necessary to optimize the process. But what exactly does it do?
The effect of the desizing and bleaching process of the boiling and bleaching machine on the textiles:
Compared with other solid surfaces, the fabric is a very complex object. There are countless gaps between the fibers and fibers in the fabric, forming a porous system, and these gaps will be full of air. Because the natural impurities in cotton fiber form the outer membrane, the process solution is not easy to spread on the surface of the fiber, and it is more difficult to penetrate into the gap of fiber and yarn.
And through the scouring and drifting machine, the outer membrane on the fabric can be effectively removed, and the effect is certainly very ideal. It can be seen that capillary effect after penetration treatment, besides its emulsifying and washing effect, is that the penetrant itself and its re wettability reduce the surface tension of water molecules, and the treated fabric shows hydrophilicity.