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The characteristics of the straight roll mercerizing machine.

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Our company operates a good quality mercerizing machine, the straight roll mercerizing machine is one of the mercerizing machine, the following small editor to introduce the characteristics of the straight roll mercerizing machine.
The upper roll of straight roll mercerizing machine is NBR roller, and the lower roller is stainless steel thread roll to prevent weft knit. The vertical roll reaction zone is equipped with an automatic lifting device, which is convenient for operation. The use of steam jet pump and alkali heating, separating leaching.
Straight roller mercerizing machine is suitable for cotton, polyester, hemp and blended dry cloth rolling alkali mercerizing fabric, silk fabric luster, good luster, easy to follow dyeing process, meet the requirements of the width of the size and stability, improve the fabric, improve product quality, increase the performance of product use.
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