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The wearing mode of the mercerizing machine

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In the process of mercerizing machine in the production of the main cotton knitting cloth, processing, so that it can be effective in the process of using the effective control of the drying temperature of the equipment, but often the overload situation, if serious and even cause alarming and recurring phenomenon is the inverter shown above often become the digital flashing character.
The way of wearing the mercerizing machine:
Because the equipment in the configuration process in the requirements is relatively high, the combination of the whole cloth feeding area including the tension adjusting and cooling roller, a cloth feeding frame, the device will be equipped with wet processing configuration, although the mercerizing machine will also effective configuration of the caustic soda cooling device, with the concentration of caustic soda in the preparation can automatic cutting device the device control accurately.
The water tank device in all the way on the cloth, the equipment type cloth clip mercerizing machine, in the process of use is mainly adopted in the PLC industrial programmable data for effective control, can directly realize the inverter alarm, DC motor is different, just starting and low speed operation of the the torque is relatively small, often occurs in the overload situation.
In the process of use will also appear the crash situation, you need to check the position of the mechanical alarm unit does not appear abnormal in this case, damage in the process of its components as long as there is no obvious case, often using the power reduction approach to effective processing.
The process of mercerized yarn mercerizing machine is simple, unlike cotton mercerized like continuous production, but due to scouring and the process still need to rely on the manual operation, the defects so often by a process does not abide by the rules and cause after processing in the dyeing process, therefore must pay attention to the operation requirements and the process parameters, to to ensure the quality of.