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What is the current development of boiling and bleaching machine

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In recent years, because of the increase of labor cost in our country, the international demand has weakened, and the printing and dyeing enterprises feel a chill. At the same time, the demand for ecological and environmental protection is increasing, which also puts forward higher requirements for the printing and dyeing equipment manufacturers in the upper reaches. Through technical improvement, the production enterprises of Chinese cooking and bleaching machine have made continuous breakthroughs in the aspects of high speed, high efficiency, intelligence, energy saving and environmental protection.

The current development of boiling and bleaching machine:

Although the speed of development is gratifying, in comparison, domestic printing and dyeing equipment still has a gap in technology research and development with foreign products. The European traditional printing and dyeing equipment production enterprises have higher requirements and more advanced production processes in terms of improving production efficiency and saving energy.

In addition, in the process of printing and dyeing production, the overall energy consumption and water consumption of the domestic printing and dyeing continuous production process are higher due to the constraints of process flow and other factors. In contrast, the European printing equipment manufacturers sustainable development consciousness is stronger, but in the process of product development will be the design concept of energy saving and emission reduction, green production into them, in product promotion, promotion and exhibition, foreign enterprises to sustainable development consciousness more strongly advocate.
The printing and dyeing enterprises in Europe pay so much attention to the sustainable development of products because they realize their cost advantages in the whole production process. At the same time, more and more foreign entrepreneurs find that as the world's largest printing and dyeing Market, Chinese printing and dyeing enterprises have more and more urgent needs for sustainable development solutions. In the past, they say, many Chinese customers think less investment is the most important.
But now, with the gradual increase of labor and energy costs in China, more and more Chinese enterprises begin to reduce the total production cost factors into the investment of scouring and bleaching machines, and constantly seek for more energy efficient solutions.