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Safety inspection method of dyeing and finishing equipment

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With the rapid development of the market, many enterprises have used the dyeing and finishing equipment to facilitate the development of the dyeing and finishing industry. Although the equipment has been constantly innovating and developing, it has become a leader in this industry. But for employees, besides the correct use of equipment, it is also important to check the equipment before using it.
Check equipment cover: unscrew filler cap, turn it over to observe the bottom, this can be seen in the old oil and even dirty oil marks on the bottom of the oil tank cover. If the filler cap bottom surface has a layer having dark emulsion viscosity, and small drops of water in oil mixture, which is not normal, may be a gasket, cylinder head or cylinder damage. If this happens, the contaminated lubricating oil will do harm to the interior of the engine and need to be overhauled.
Check oil filling equipment: if there is no problem, then find the dipstick, pull it out, first check the oil level, the oil level should be in full or the location of the FULL. If the oil level is too low, the engine will be damaged because of poor lubrication, and it will also cause damage to the valve, cylinder pad and piston ring. Observe whether there is any lubricating oil on the bottom of the car. If there is a condition, it can detect cylinder pressure and see if there is a leak and cause damage to the engine components.

Through the smog check: if the exhaust is smoke, shows that the valve seal failure, lubricating oil into the cylinder combustion chamber. It is also possible that the gap between the piston ring and the cylinder wall is too large or the fracture of the piston ring. Or because of the aging and damage of the seal and oil seal of the engine, it causes the leakage of the lubricating oil and consumes too much lubricating oil.
In general, after the use of the dyeing and finishing equipment, the lubricating oil will be blackened after a period of time, which is normal. And other colors are abnormal. If the color of the lubricating oil is found to be gray, white or emulsified, it is shown that it is mixed with water. It may be the connection and leakage of the engine cooling system and the combustion system.