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Cautions for the use of boiling and bleaching machine

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Cautions for the use of boiling and bleaching machine
Although the process of using scouring and bleaching machine for yarn mercerizing is simple, unlike cotton mercerized like continuous production, but due to factors such as scouring process still need to rely on manual, so often due to a defect disease process does not abide by the rules and cause after processing in the dyeing process, therefore must pay more attention to the operation requirements and the process parameters in order to ensure its quality.
Cautions for the use of boiling and bleaching machine:
1. Mercerizing yarn is unevenly cooked, impermeable, defatted, unwashed after practice, capillary effect is not uniform, boiling time is too long, and no mercerizing is done in the order of boiling yarn and pot.
(2) unevenness of yarn billet before mercerization, partial overtide or overdrying, when dehydration is long, the surface is exposed to sun or local air drying.
(3) the yarn on the machine is not clear, leveling, there is a frame, broken head, size and stranded, overlapping yarn and other phenomena.
(4) the rollers of the mercerizing machine are not flat, the rubber roller is uneven or the spindle is bent, and the tension of the two rolls is different, and the length of the machine and the machine is not consistent.
Before pickling, the alkali is too much alkali or dealkali, the acid concentration in the acid tank is too high and the acid washing time is too short.
The yarn unevenness viscosity, inconsistent size, different lengths of coil.
The time interval before dyeing mercerized yarn in different, different batches of mixed use.
The mercerized cotton made from boiling and bleaching machine belongs to the best quality in cotton. It is light and thin than the ordinary cotton fabric. It feels soft and comfortable, and has good hygroscopicity and breathability. In order to achieve the raw material of high-grade knitted underwear, T-shirt, socks, gloves and so on. In the use of equipment and equipment for mercerization, we must pay attention to all kinds of specifications and parameters.