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How to choose suitable dyeing and finishing equipment

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In the increasingly fierce competition in the market today, the printing and dyeing enterprises to choose their own technology and equipment according to their actual situation, the dyeing and finishing equipment choose not to no purpose, but to understand the current dyeing products in the market is the status and development of air must first select equipment according to the quality grade of the printing and dyeing products. Before choosing the market and the research of printing and dyeing products, the market and the product should be positioned accurately. Then, according to the needs of the market and the needs of the products, we choose the corresponding technology and equipment. The equipment we choose needs to be advanced, practical and applicable.
Secondly, the suitable equipment is selected according to the characteristics and requirements of the knitted objects. The equipment should be selected according to the characteristics and requirements of the knitted products, according to the scale, the proportion of products and the nature of the products, according to printing and dyeing process and process skills.
Finally, the scientific and technical content of the selected equipment should keep up with the advanced level at home and abroad. Some domestic manufacturers of printing and dyeing products although imported production equipment from abroad, but there is no way for equipment management and management personnel and operation personnel of the substantive changes, lack of scientific management, lack of detailed control, lack of strict detection and control of the whole process of the production of products.
From the perspective of some printing and dyeing products manufacturers in China now, the processing device is not the key point. The key problem should be the quality and problems existing in the products, which all need to be avoided by relying on science and technology. Therefore, when choosing and buying and finishing equipment, we must choose the equipment that the processing technology can keep up.