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Singeing Machine's Classification introduction

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Singeing machine refers to the fabric in the flat state rapidly through the metal surface singeing machine flame or wipe the hot, remove the fabric surface villous, smooth surface processing process, classification of it are also different, here we introduce several classification methods.

1, we according to the number of head cloth classification, can be divided into single and double the two, single singeing machine above the common market.
2. According to the variety of fabric, it can be divided into cotton cloth machine, polyester cotton cloth machine, worsted machine, non-woven fabric machine and glass fiber cloth machine.
3, in addition, can also according to the number of crater division, can be divided into a crater, two crater, four crater, six crater, eight crater, crater number ten. In the two and four machine singeing burner burner is commonly used.
4, we can also work in accordance with the amplitude: can be divided into narrow singeing machine (mechanical width from 1100~1600 mm), a singeing machine (mechanical width from 1800~2600 mm).
With the continuous development of China's singeing technology, singeing machine now in China is constantly increasing, we purchase must choose suitable types, the appropriate use of it.