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Singeing Machine's Matters needing attention

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The factors should be paid attention to in the process of singeing machine in use is more, the fabric singeing requirement is to try to remove the cloth on the hair without causing the fabric itself on fire, so in the process of operation of singeing machine need to pay special attention to fire prevention, anti-virus, anti dust, explosion and other issues, the following give specific introduce it in the operation of the matters needing attention:
The operation should be to prevent the dust, the original cloth will pass into the cloth and brushing device, in this case will produce a lot of short fluff and dust, singeing and gas discharge, affecting the production environment, should take appropriate measures to ensure dust and air, fresh air.
CO and the use of gas and other gas generated in the process of singeing, if cut and ventilation is not good, will send out wells condensate in workshop. CO gas occupies 0.03% of air in the air, which is harmful to the human body. If it accounts for 0.2%, people lose consciousness, and if they occupy 0.4%, they can cause death. Therefore, we should strictly check the pipe and flue, and take measures to prevent the poisoning.
Singeing machine operation must strictly abide by the rules, in the operation of some small details are easy to overlook, but also easy to cause big accidents, so we should pay attention to the operation process, strengthen the maintenance, to ensure the pump, valve and various instruments work normally, to eliminate all kinds of accidents.
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