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Advantages of high temperature and high pressure cooing drifting machine

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High temperature scouring and bleaching machine can complete the degreasing, bleaching and other technology, has changed the traditional model of degreasing, bleaching process of complex two lines, shorten the process time, reduce machine area, improve economic efficiency, is the ideal product to replace the imported equipment and rope bleaching line. It has the following advantages:
1. The imported centrifugal pump is of high efficiency and high performance.
2. High efficiency external heat exchanger to improve heating efficiency.
3, automatic control of water, drainage, heating, cooling and so on, shorten the process time.
4, the electric continuous operation, eliminate the commutation stop, prolong the service life of electrical equipment.
5, the main pump is controlled by frequency conversion, and the flow is adjusted arbitrarily to save the load and start the energy consumption.
6, change does not stop, increase the circulating number, to ensure the quality of scouring and bleaching effect.
7. Pressure dewatering can reduce the water content of the fabric and shorten the drying time.
8, efficient cleaning system, shorten the cleaning time, reduce water use.
9, the use of air cushion technology to reach the low bath ratio of 1:8.
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